Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My two-part Yogurt diary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear L. Bulgaricus,

Around nighttime I was going home in a car when I was just getting car sick when we started to talk about yeast and eventually it got to yogurt an the bacteria in the yogurt. Mom promised me we could make yogurt and eventually it got to science project status.


Dear L. Bulgaricus,

Soon after me and mom got up we started on a science project (just as promised) about yogurt!!! It' been so fun. I researched about yogurt, bacteria, and how to make yogurt, while mom cooked. The bacteria species L. Bulgaricus was named in 1905 by a Bulgarian doctor(Stamen Grigorov) after Bulgaria. L. Bulgaricus is one of the bacteria used in yogurt.

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