Saturday, August 30, 2008

The (cencored) Statement

Part one

People take their beliefs personally so it is only natural that people will feel like they are the ones being challenged when their beliefs are what is being challenged and will act accordingly.

Part two

It is preventable. If the person whose beliefs are being challenged takes into consideration the fact that his beliefs, not him, are being challenged he can bypass the first part of the statement. A Baha'ullah (the

Bahai prophet) quote say how to avoid the effects of the first part of the statement.

Should any one among you be incapable of grasping a certain truth, or be striving to comprehend it,

show forth, when conversing with him, a spirit of extreme kindliness and good-will. Help him to see and recognize the truth, without esteeming yourself to be, in the least, superior to him, or to be possessed of greater endowments.”

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nearly one of seeds science blogs

Here is an email I got today:

Hi (censored),

Thanks for reading ScienceBlogs! The site depends on feedback from our engaged and loyal readers. Thanks, too, for sending along your blog's information. Rodent's Blog has now been added to our official inquiry list. We'll certainly give it a look in the coming days and weeks.

At our inception just two years ago, ScienceBlogs included 14 blogs. Happily, that's since increased by fivefold. Our larger blogging family generates more dynamic discussions and higher traffic. At the same time, because we want to maintain the site's accessibility, appeal, and general feeling of community, the number of blogs we feature is ultimately limited.

We receive several dozen inquiries a month from science enthusiasts like you who want to join us, and many -— if not most —- are informative and well-written. But because of our fantastic growth, the few newbies we take on now are often picked based on how they might complement (and distinguish themselves from!) the others in the Sb community.

If we find your blog fits into such a niche, we'll be in touch soon.

Thanks for your interest and happy reading!


Today I was having trouble with my blog. Google blogger wasnt letting me get on my blog with the password that I use for my gmail account. This passord obviously happens my only google password.

Friday, August 22, 2008

my profile note

Here is my current profile note:

Oakland, California, United States
My real name is (censored). I am (censored) years old. I also got advanced in every subject on my 5th grade star test. View my complete profile

Tell me if you think it is not very good. (in comments please)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

a little depressing news

An airplane crashed in western spain. It killed 150 people.


In the paper I saw the astrology section. I looked at the part titled Gemini. I saw a really acurate piece of information. But the rest was wrong.

rain in Florida.

Hello readers (if there are any) I am writing from Florida. I got on my great-grandmother's (Ruth) computer. The wether is unpredictable. It rains for a minute then suddenly stops. Also, it rains five times a day. The rain is warm too. To me (I am from Oakland which is close to San Francisco and much drier and colder than Florida or at least the part I am in.) warm-wetness with all my clothes on is a totally weard and alien sensation. I am used to it in the shower, but outside with all my clothes on (different temperture, too) feals totally wrong.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gummy Bear

"Gummy Bear" by Zachary Zimmerle (aka Rachazy)

Gummy Bear sits in the candy tree,
merry merry king of candy is he,
laugh Gummy Bear,
laugh Gummy Bear,
how gay (happy) your life must be.

Gummy Bear sits in the candy tree,
counting all the candy he can see,
wait Gummy Bear,
wait Gummy Bear,
thats not candy, that's me!

Gummy Bear sits in the candy tree,
eating all the candy he can see,
wait Gummy Bear,
wait Gummy Bear,
save some candy for me.

This song was based on Marion Sinclair's "Kookaburra"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

John Freshwater: abusive (anti)Science teacher (Part 1)

Here is the first part.

There's an ugly case brewing in Ohio. A popular middle school science teacher has been ordered to remove his copy of the bible from his desk. On the face of it, I think letting a teacher have a bible on his desk or on his person should not be a problem — it's nothing but a personal tchotchke, and it's not worth fighting over. John Freshwater, though, has made it more than an expression of personal preference. He is proselytizing in the public school classroom. Freshwater is responsible for turning this into a church-state separation case; he's one of those particularly obnoxious Christians who wrap themselves in sanctimony and loudly demand that they have more than a right to believe (a right I would defend), they have a right to tell their students what they must believe, and who uses every opportunity to evangelize in defiance of his professional responsibilities.

The school has a right and an obligation to tell him to knock it off, and if he won't comply, they should hold him in violation of his contract and fire him. But I wouldn't have him fired for being a pretentious Christian, only for refusal to do his job.

There's another reason he should be fired, however, and the school district should take advantage of his intransigence over his stupid bible to kick his sorry ass off the faculty. He's an incompetent science teacher.

In one class, Freshwater used Lego pieces to describe the beginning of the world. He dumped the pieces, then asked students if the Legos could assemble by themselves, said Joe Stuart, 18, assistant editor of the high-school newspaper.

When Freshwater taught students about electrical current, he used a device to leave a red mark in the shape of a cross on the forearms of some students, Stuart said.

"If it were just about the Bible, I don't think people would have a problem with it," Stuart said.

In his evaluations through the 21 years he's worked for the district, Freshwater has drawn consistent praise for his strong rapport with students, broad knowledge of his subject matter and engaging teaching style.

In 2006, he was instructed to remove from his curriculum a handout titled "Darwin's Theory of Evolution — The Premise and the Problem." A parent had questioned its validity and use in a science classroom.

Mr Stuart is wise. It's not the bible at all. It's that he's a deluded creationist teaching lies to students in a science class. Unfortunately, there's little recourse for expelling bad teachers (and his popularity is not an indication that he's a good teacher, don't make that mistake) on the basis of incompetence.

And the cross thing is just plain bizarre. Burning religious symbols into students' flesh is not a way to teach them about the physics of electricity; what next, will he teach about the chemistry of oxidation reactions by burning heretical students at a stake? Even religious parents in the community are disturbed by this kook:

The fax stated, "We are religious people, but we were offended when Mr. Freshwater burned a cross onto the arm of our child. This was done in science class in December 2007, where an electric shock machine was used to burn our child. The burn was severe enough that our child awoke that night with severe pain, and the cross remained there for several weeks. ... We have tried to keep this a private matter and hesitate to tell the whole story to the media for fear that we will be retaliated against."

These same parents also expressed the key issue in separation of church and state:

Short said it is alleged that Freshwater used his classroom to advance religion and that he teaches his own beliefs from the Bible and not the approved curriculum. In the fax, the parents also said, "We are Christians who practice our faith where it belongs, at church and in our home and, most importantly, outside the public classroom, where the law requires a separation of church and state."

Freshwater can believe whatever he wants. When he decides to use his public school classroom to shove his beliefs down student throats, he's in the wrong and should obey the order to keep his class secular. And when his personal beliefs so scramble his judgment that he can't even teach the evidence and logic of science, his professional duty, fire him.

Here is a new one.

DNA (to the tune of TNT by ACDC)

Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!

See me divide up in your nucleus on your micro-screen
I'm all of you that you can get
If you know what I mean
Proteins to the left of me, lipids to the right
Aint got no oxy, but I got moxy
Don't you start a fight

"Cus I'm DNA
I'm Dynamite
(DNA) I'm wound up tight
(DNA) I have secrets to tell
(DNA) I'm in your cells!!!!

I'm Adenine! Guanine! Cytosine!
And Thymine man!
Nitrogen bases, a phosphate group
G binds to C
A binds to T
A double helix plan
I run your life!
I control your cells!
So don't you mess me around!

Cus I'm DNA!
I'm dynamite
(DNA) And I'm wound up tight!
(DNA) I have secrets to tell
(DNA)I'm in your cells!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reptile 'First time' dad at 111.

That is the headline. A reptile has, for the first time become a dad. Here is a little excerpt of the BBC article on it.

A rare 111-year-old New Zealand reptile is set to become a father, possibly for the first time.

Here is some more.

Henry, a tuatara with prehistoric origins, had previously shown no interest in females during nearly 40 years in captivity, say keepers.

But his 80-year-old partner, Mildred, laid 12 eggs in mid-July, 11 of which are due to hatch in about six months.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the p53rd psalm

Here it is, the p53rd psalm. I found it at Pharyngula.

The p53rd Psalm

p53 is my shepherd, I shall not cycle
It maketh me to lie down in G1
It leadeth me beside still nucleotide pools
It restoreth my genome
It leadeth me past the restriction point for replication's sake
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the cobalt irradiator
I shall fear no gamma rays, for thou art Guardian of the Genome
Thy amino and thy carboxy termini, they comfort me
Thou maintainest my genomic stability in the presence of mine enemies
Thou annointest my nucleus with p21/WAF1/Cip1/Sdi1/Pic1
my cyclin dependent kinases overflow
Surely pRb phosphorylation and E2F activation shall follow me
all the cycles of my life
and I shall dwell in a non-tumorigenic state until senescence.

John Freshwater: abusive (anti)Science teacher (Part 2)

Here it is.

John Freshwater, the Ohio science teacher who uses his classroom to proselytize and promote creationism, is following a familiar tactic: LIE.

Supporters of a middle school science teacher facing firing for burning crosses into students' arms were in the majority at a central Ohio school board meeting.

They gave John Freshwater a standing ovation when he rose to speak Monday night during the two-hour Mount Vernon school board meeting. He attended the meeting to say he has never branded or burned anyone.

This reminded me of chapter 5, "Never said it", in Lauri Lebo's excellent book on the Dover trial, The Devil in Dover(amzn/b&n/abe/pwll). This is the part of the book where the lawyers for the prosecution are trying to get an injunction to prevent the school board from going through with their attempts to promote ID in the classroom, and they bring in the defendants, Buckingham, Bonsell, and others, to corroborate the arguments documented in the press that they were looking for textbooks that blended evolution and creationism. And to the obvious consternation of the lawyers, they all simply lied and claimed that they'd never said it and the reporters had all made everything up. It was patently dishonest, but it essentially blocked the injunction and let them go ahead with their scheme.

Don't worry, the chapter ends on a good note: Lebo gets footage from a local television that shows they lied, which will later come to good use in the actual trial.

It's always disturbing to see how readily these creationists will lie for their own ends, and how happily their supporters will cheer for the lie.

The clones of Booger.

A pet owner has payed US$50,000 for a firm to make five clones of her dog booger. The BBC has an article on it.

This is just totally wrong.

A Pastor murdered his own wife after she caught him sexually abusing his own children. He then stuffed her in a freezer. The police found the filthy hypocrite at his church. He was doing a sermon on love and Christ. So what do the police do? They wait until he is finished!