Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Baha's in Iran (part 2)

More trouble for the Baha'is in Iran:

More Baha’is detained; 26 currently in prison

Baha’is have been arrested in Mazandaran province, one in Ghaemshahr
and two in Sari. Their homes were searched and Baha’i materials were
confiscated. The arrests occurred on 18 November and 22 November.

In another case, three Baha’is were arrested and detained in Yasouj
and a nearby town, in the province of Kohgiluyeh va Bouyerahmad. The
detention was in connection with a personal project under which they
provided moral education classes for local children. The attorney they
retained was so intimidated by criticism from judicial officials that
he resigned from the case.

At least 26 Baha’is are currently in jail or prison because of their
religion. The number on a given day is difficult to determine, partly
because authorities sometimes detain people secretly and it can take
days for their families to determine with certainty what has happened
to them.

Also, people are sometimes detained overnight or for several days,
and this only becomes known later. In some cases, Baha’is are detained
but then released on bail after depositing with the court a sum in cash
or surrendering business licenses or titles to property.

Among those in prison are all seven members of a group that saw to
the minimum needs of the 300,000 Baha’is in Iran, and three young
adults in Shiraz whose case was the subject of an internal
investigation — the results of which completely vindicated the

(see source here)

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