Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Vote

Being a minor, I can't vote. But if I did what I voted would be influenced by my mom,
the nice, caring, social worker. However, (and this is important) It is not what she would vote.
Prop. 1: YES, I care about our climate.
Prop. 2: YES, I want animals to be treated well.
Prop. 3: (further research needed)
Prop. 4: YES, but maybe NO (depends on circumstances).
Prop. 5: YES, our prisons are overcrowded.
Prop. 6: NO, (see previous)
Prop. 7: YES, I support solar, wind, etc.
Prop. 8: NO.
Prop. 9: YES.
Prop. 10: YES.
Prop. 11: ?
Prop. 12: YES.

1 comment:

red e fine said...

psychokitty, you've got a good analysis there. thanks for caring about the environment and taking action to let others know about the choices they have to do so as well come November. cheers!