Monday, August 25, 2008

Nearly one of seeds science blogs

Here is an email I got today:

Hi (censored),

Thanks for reading ScienceBlogs! The site depends on feedback from our engaged and loyal readers. Thanks, too, for sending along your blog's information. Rodent's Blog has now been added to our official inquiry list. We'll certainly give it a look in the coming days and weeks.

At our inception just two years ago, ScienceBlogs included 14 blogs. Happily, that's since increased by fivefold. Our larger blogging family generates more dynamic discussions and higher traffic. At the same time, because we want to maintain the site's accessibility, appeal, and general feeling of community, the number of blogs we feature is ultimately limited.

We receive several dozen inquiries a month from science enthusiasts like you who want to join us, and many -— if not most —- are informative and well-written. But because of our fantastic growth, the few newbies we take on now are often picked based on how they might complement (and distinguish themselves from!) the others in the Sb community.

If we find your blog fits into such a niche, we'll be in touch soon.

Thanks for your interest and happy reading!

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